Phospho News - Product Update #3

Phospho News - Product Update #3

Stronger LLM analytics pipeline with phospho

Hello everyone ! 👋🧪

Paul, Pierre and Nicolas from phospho here!

Here is an overview of what we shipped last week.

Improved Evaluation & Event Detection

We're beefing up evaluation and event detection. Evaluation takes into account the system_prompt metadata. Event detection is more accurate. We're fine tuning models to scale, speed up, and improve event detection. Choose the scope.

Events Labelling

phospho automatically extracts semantic events. But you may want to correct or edit them. You can now do it right from the platform.

Data wrangling

Load all your phospho tasks as a dataframe for quick data wrangling.

import phospho
phospho.init()phospho.tasks_df(limit=1000) # Load the latest 1000 tasks

Run analytics jobs locally with the phospho lab, update the evaluations, and push the updated dataframe back to phospho. Learn more here.

Phospho React components

Gathering user feedbacks is a critical part of an analytics pipeline. But setting everything up the right way can get messy.

We released React components to help you get started. Put them in your frontend and send users feedbacks to phospho. Get started here.

What's next ?

Feedbacks? Feature requests? Ideas? Send us an email or join our discord.

Paul-Louis from phospho

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