Phospho News - Product Update #4

Phospho News - Product Update #4
phospho team at the Mistral SF Hackathon

YC ends, event scopes, improved UI, annotation platform

Hello everyone ! 👋🧪

Paul, Pierre and Nicolas from phospho here.

Here is an overview of last week.

Y Combinator ends! phospho lives on.

The YC demo day was today. This marks the end of the YC experience for us. And the beginning of the next chapter of phospho.

We'll be going back to France and carry on our adventures. 🧪

Added event detection scope

We've added scopes to Event detection. You can now define events at the scope of a Task, a Session, a User input, or a LLM output.

This way, you can give more context to the event detection engine, or be more precise.

Improved UI on the platform

The Insights/Events tab has been revamped. You can now edit events. You can now rename a project in Settings. You can now click anywhere on a table row to access a task, session, or user.

It's about the small things.

Annotate with Argilla

We're deploying custom annotation workspaces for selected beta testers using the open source Argilla platform. This lets you annotate tasks super fast for better, custom models.

If you want a custom annotation platform for your project, please reach out!

What's next?

Finetuning and integrations, for better and faster event detection, anywhere.

Feedbacks? Feature requests? Ideas? Send us an email or join our discord.

Paul-Louis from phospho

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