Phospho News - Product Update #5

Phospho News - Product Update #5

Back to Paris with new people and new features!

Hello everyone! 👋🧪

We're Paul, Pierre, Nicolas... and now Frédéric! 🎉 Please welcome our new teammate.

🥷 Frédéric is a former indie hacker that is joining phospho to help us double down on Event detection.

Here is an overview of what we shipped last week.

Also, we're back in Paris!

Regex and Keyword Event detection

We're introducing new ways to detect events: Regex and Keyword event detection. This is helpful for simple business rules or working with non technical stakeholders.

Revamped navigation bar and onboarding

We simplified the onboarding, the sidebar, the top navigation bar, and some UI elements. We also removed the paywall during the onboarding to let you try the platform before committing.

Discovering the platform as a new user should be more enjoyable! If you tried to setup phospho but didn't go till the end, give it a try now.

Backfilling historical data

If you already have text data somewhere else, we want to make it as easy as possible to use phospho.

The first step for this is backfilling: you can push historical data to phospho. Learn more here.

We have many ideas on how to improve that. Feel free to share yours on our discord!

What's next ?

We'll keep improving how you explore logs on phospho, make setup easier, and make Events more powerful. Keep posted.

Feedbacks? Feature requests? Ideas? Send us an email or join our discord.

Paul-Louis from phospho

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