phospho news - product update #9

phospho news - product update #9
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Hey there, been a while ! ⏳

The phospho team is hard at work improving the phospho text-to-analytics platform ! 🧪

These past weeks have been a blast! Here are the main features we’ve been cooking to solve our clients' needs 🍳

Improvements on Event Detection

Here is a quick look at what’s new:

  • Rerun Past Analytics: Now you can rerun sentiment analytics, language detection, and evaluations from past sessions. Just hit the new button in the Tasks tab and settings.
  • New Data Visualization: We've added a data visualization (dataviz) feature to highlight the "most detected event per position in the session". Stay on top of the most significant events effortlessly!
  • Event Detection Confirmation: Confirming options in event detection is now smoother and more intuitive. (maybe not needed for blog)
  • Clustering on Different Data Subsets: You can now run clustering on various subsets of data, giving you more flexibility and control over your analyses.

Updated Landing Page

This week we felt that our landing page @ needed to take a fresh look, making it more pleasant for our users and showing our desire for constant improvement and innovation.


Improving the guides with illustrations

After some feedback from our users, we now have illustrations to help you navigate through the documentation of the phospho universe!

For example, on the Events Detection page:


Our new blog posts !

Finally, we wrote some new blog posts hoping you’ll find them useful and if not interesting !

Here are the two posts:

  • LLM colosseum on the phospho blog
  • Introducing User Intention Clustering: Unlock Insights from Your LLM App with phospho

Feel free to take a look at them if you haven’t yet 🎢


Dive in and explore these improvements – they’re designed to make your workflow more efficient and enjoyable!

Stay tuned for more updates and happy analyzing!


The phospho team 🧪