phospho News - Product Update #7

No Labour Day for phospho team! Testing and Finetuning pipelines incoming. But also a question suggestion feature to make your bot more appealing

Hello everyone! 👋🧪

We're Paul, Pierre, Nicolas and Frédéric! 

💥 In the last few weeks, we secretly cooked up features that solve urgent client needs: testing and fine tuning pipelines. But also a way to better engage users.

They can be useful for you too.

Testing features 

Are you still wondering how to compare model performances on your use cases (e.g.: GPT4 vs GPT 3.5) ? 

We have the solution. Book a call with us.

Autocomplete and question suggestion features

Users sometimes get tired of typing their requests. Give them a more engaging option.

In just a few lines of code, integrate our feature that suggests relevant next messages to your users based on your historical data.

If interested in integrating such a feature in your chatbot, book a call with us.

Finetuning your own model on historical data

What about improving the performance of your agents and reducing your costs with all the data you log on our platform, which we label with your custom events and evals ?

We help you easily set up your fine-tuning pipeline to get the most out of your data and new models. 

Give us a call.

What's next ? 

Feedbacks? Feature requests? Ideas? Send us an email or join our discord.

🧪 Paul-Louis from phospho