Phospho News - Product Update #1

Phospho News - Product Update #1
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Events flagging, Topics extraction, Semantic Search & much more !

Hello everyone ! 👋🧪

Here is a quick overview of the major features we shipped in the last two weeks.

Events detection

You're now able to track events in your logs with phospho.

Set up your personalized events, or let our events suggestion feature guide you in defining insights that make sense for you.

Flagging events in text interactions enables you to detect patterns or issues and track users or products insights. Events offer a new way to discover who your users are, how they are using your LLM product, and how well it is performing.

Trigger webhooks and alerts that seamlessly integrate in your workflows

Discover more details here

Let phospho automatically extract topics from your logs.

It gives you the big picture to understand how your product is used.

Browse your logs with our semantic search feature to deep dive further in your analysis.

Learn more about it here

Improved User Experience

Phospho user experience now includes :

Authentication & organisation management

Revised onboarding process

Better data visualization & dashboards. Tabs are now clearer, includes filters, and metrics that matters. You are now able to cross your logged metadata with flagged events, success rates to quantify the performance of your LLM product and run A/B tests.

And many small improvements and bug fixes. Among them :

  • API performance improved
  • refined documentation, with more integration guides (e.g., with supabase)

What's next ?

Many things to come. Advanced A/B tests for prompts and models with personalized metrics and users insights tabs will be our focus in the weeks to come.

If you have any feedback or feature requests on how to make Phospho better, send us an email or join our discord.

Paul-Louis from phospho

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