phospho news - Product Update #8

phospho news - Product Update #8
phospho live in Time Square

The phospho team is hard at work improving the phospho text analytics platform 🧪

Sentiment analysis

In every task logged, the input is classified as Positive sentiment, Negative, Neutral or Mixed. No setup required.

Language detection

We now detect your users' language in every task input. Learn in what languages do your users speak. Again, nothing to setup.

More filters

New filters are available : 

  • Language
  • Sentiment
  • Last eval source (whether automatic, user, or owner)
  • Metadata : user_id, version_id, or any custom metadata you logged. 

What other filters would you like to see ? Send us an email or join our discord and tell us!

Run event detection on past data

By default, event detection is only run on newly logged tasks. Now, you can also run event detection on past data. 

This lets you create new events and detect new stuff on past data. 

Go to the insights tab, and select the Detect option for an event.

Select the date range and the sampling rate. This will run the event detection pipeline on this selected subset of data. 

What's next?

That's it for today. Feel free to reach out via email or join our discord to continue the conversation!

Paul-Louis from phospho